Meet Lisa MouleRealtor@ Lisa Moule has never been the type of person afraid to try new things. Instead, she reaches out and grabs any opportunity that comes her way, and she thrives on doing the same for her clients when assisting in the sale or purchase of a home, Blending her obvious passion for the area, here genuine desire to help others & her non-stop energy, Lisa has what it takes to make your next move a complete success. Call her today to schedule a private consultation to discuss your real estate goals.

Lisa’s active lifestyle is a perfect fit for the South Bay area. She’s constantly on the go and there’s always a new adventure to discover.

When opportunity knocks, Lisa Moule answers.

(And that’s exactly why she’s an essential component in one of life's largest investments)

You might find Lisa Moule stand-up paddleboarding amongst a pod of dolphins three miles offshore. You might find her propelling herself along the cliffside trails of Palos Verdes on a spirited hike. You might find her enjoying the Manhattan Beach nightlife with friends and neighbors. But one thing you absolutely will not find Lisa doing is taking a nap. She approaches life with overflowing energy and strives to make the most of every moment and every opportunity.

Not one to let an opportunity pass her by, Lisa made a bold move to Martha’s Vineyard shortly after she had earned her degree in Santa Cruz in horticulture and landscape design. She used that change of scenery to excel at a landscape design company in Martha’s Vineyard for half the year, and then spent the other half of each year on the island of Kauai. Needless to say, Lisa has never been afraid of embarking on new adventures and only needs a small window of opportunity to make things happen.

One such opportunity came when she met the Farrelly brothers in Martha’s Vineyard and they offered her the opportunity to come to L.A. to apply her landscape design skills to a movie they were shooting, “Stuck on You” starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. She quickly fell in love with the L.A. lifestyle and eventually landed here in the South Bay. Prior to moving to Redondo Beach, her passion for travel and life’s adventures always kept her on the move. But once she discovered the perfect outdoor lifestyle, the vibrant nightlife and the incredible people that inhabit this area, she knew she’d found home.

With Lisa on your side, you’ll feel comfortable and confident throughout every step of your important transaction.

Putting Her Passion to Work

Fueled by her passion for the area, Lisa earned her real estate license and began helping people buy and sell homes while also running her landscape design business. She soon realized real estate was her true calling and devoted her full-time effort to helping her clients make the most of their opportunities. Ever since, she’s excelled at helping buyers discover the ideal South Bay home, while also using her creativity and marketing savvy to ensure a quick sale for homeowners looking to sell their property.

When you work with Lisa toward the sale or purchase of a home, the first thing you’ll notice is her non-stop energy. Her love for the area is contagious and she thrives on playing such an important role in such a significant investment decision for her clients. Lisa doesn’t view her role as that of a salesperson, but rather a guide and consultant who is there to provide her clients with all the information they need to make the best decisions for their individual home buying or selling goals. She brings an extremely strong work ethic to everything she does and simply will not quit until she’s helped you achieve your objectives.

Your Opportunity. Her Passion.

If you’re considering a move in the South Bay, put Lisa Moule’s energy, passion and local market knowledge to work in order to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. With Lisa on your side, Your Opportunity is Her Passion. Call her today to get started on your best move yet.



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"Life is all about making the most of every moment. In real estate, I thrive on helping people with such an important part of their lives, especially here in a place that means so much to me. I simply can't imagine doing anything else."

Lisa Moule